My Phone

By Julia Kemp

My pride and joy, my light in my life, my one true love—my phone is the most important object in every pocket and in every bag. My phone gives me access to almost everything; I can talk to my friends, look up interesting facts, and play Wordle every morning. My phone is also like my own personal time capsule; I can look through old messages, pictures, and videos and reflect on the amazing experiences and memories throughout the years. 

My phone, my dingy iPhone 11 with a green phone case that is falling apart at the scene, is the most special thing in my life. I recently got a new phone, my old one being cracked beyond recognition. Though my crusty old iPhone XR meant everything to me, I’m excited for my new journey with an updated phone. I use this phone in every setting; whether I’m enjoying a relaxing evening in my room or avoiding an awkward confrontation in the halls by scrolling through the weather app, my phone has helped me through thick and thin. I unashamedly love my phone like most other teens, and I can’t go anywhere without it.