Is It Really Over?

Cuinn Huber 

The fact that my time at Westmont is already almost over is to be cliche surreal.

I remember when I came here I only knew a max of two or three people. I was in a huge rush to make new friends and fit in. As most freshmen do, I cycled through a handful of different groups throughout the year. Doing the XC and swim team helped me meet new people as well and were both awesome experiences. During Sophomore year, I finally began to find my groove. I knew way more people and felt like I was hitting my stride. Then, the pandemic hit three quarters of the way through the year. As someone who is very social, junior year was very difficult to deal with. I went more than a year without seeing the majority of my friends. Then in April of junior year, I finally went back in person for hybrid learning.Not only was I able to see some friends again, but also I felt more normal than I had been for over a year. Senior year commenced in-person classes, and needless to say, it has been awesome. Rallying in in the senior corner still remains very surreal to me, I still can’t believe I’m a senior. Committing to my dream school University of Oregon has been another highlight. I am so excited for college, but I will miss Westmont a lot and I hope to keep in touch with as many people as I can who made these four years so special.