I’m Avoiding June 2    

By Emma Kidger

And now the end is near. I’m starting to complete all my “lasts” at Westmont and am forced to face the music of reality. I’m leaving, growing up, beginning a new chapter. Yet, I still don’t feel like any of it is actually happening. I have a highly fashionable and trendy cap and gown waiting for me in my closet and I am beginning to make my way onto a new adventure, but somehow every time I try to reflect on the past four years, I still see myself as timid and excited freshman Emma just newly entering the halls of Westmont. The first Westmont memory I always resort to takes us back to 2018. Back then, picking a high school was the talk of the town, but as soon as I was met with a crowd of LIFE crew leaders screaming “WELCOME TO WESTMONT,” I knew this was the place I needed to be. From freshman year through almost two years of learning via “Zoomsphere” (as Chris Haskett humorously called online learning), and finally ending with senior year- I have grown from that shy freshman I used to be into a valiant senior ready to take on what’s ahead. Looking back, I will always be grateful that I made the decision I did- as I could have missed out on so many accomplishments and opportunities.

With only a month (plus some) left of my time at Westmont, I still catch myself saying “oh, next year I’ll do…” or think twice about the fact that I still haven’t reapplied for Journalism or ASB, until I realize: this is it. So for now-  I’m holding on for dear life to the little things that make me smile and memories I will always look back on. Like waving to Andy Evans on my way into room 58. The many uncontrollable laughs I share and cherished memories I make with (the one and only) Madeleine Stiffler. Chatting with Sammy Binns on the daily in study hall. Or even when I’m greeted with Diana Brodskiy and Lindsay Der exclaiming “you’re late!” upon my fashionably tardy arrival to zero period. 

I have so many last hurrahs to give and many more thank you’s and see you later’s to pass out, but for now, I shall enjoy my final moments avoiding reality and June 2nd.