Sufjan Stevens Summer 

By Cat and Julia Kemp

Some may associate summer with friendship bracelets, beach volleyball, water balloons, and sidewalk chalk, however a Sufjan Stevens summer is an entirely different entity. Sufjan Stevens, the American singer responsible for the soundtrack of Call Me By Your Name, embodies the aesthetic that many pinterest-users aspire to define their 2022 summer. Sujan Stevens summer means picnics by the pond; it means crystal necklaces and hazy afternoons eating cheese and grapes. A Sufjan Stevens summer means peach picking and sticky fingers while watching a sunset and laughing with your friends. The ultimate goal of a Sufjan Stevens summer is aesthetics—anything that doesn’t contribute to the plot of your movie (doing homework, watching Netflix, fighting with your friends, etc.) should not be done. Sufjan Stevens summer goers should only be crying in a foliage-filled oasis, dipping their toes in a crystal lake, or making daisy crowns next to an abandoned Italian castle. If you are at all interested in experiencing the summer of your life, consider trying out a Sufjan Stevens summer, and let all of the material stresses of the winter, spring, and fall melt away. 

If you’re needing some inspiration, here’s a playlist you can listen to while flower picking or lounging under the beaming sun.