Cultured Summer Timeline 

By Omri Shahar and Eric Vallen

Omri’s Plan

May 28 

  • Prom

June 2

  • Graduation and Grad night
  • End of senior year and high school as a whole! This is obviously a happy day, but the notion of graduation is actually more sad the closer it comes. Moving away from friends and family, starting a new life, being fully independent—all can be pretty difficult. 

June 8 – 15 

  • Senior Trip to Cabo! My celebration with my friends for the end of school, a way to commemorate all our time together over middle and high school. Gladly, me and several of my closest friends are staying in the area for college, so we will still be able to spend time together. However, this will be a nice opportunity to maximize time and fun with my friends that are leaving when the school year rolls around. The warm water, beautiful sand, all inclusive hotel, the fun and relaxation has no limit!

June 25- July 11

  • Family trip to Israel. Before Covid, a trip to Israel was mandatory every other summer. On the off summers, a family member would come visit us in the US. Ever since Covid, I have not seen my Israeli friends and family for about 3 years. Israel this year shall be exceptional, as not only will I get to see my family, but I will also get to hang out with an old friend that moved back to Israel somewhat recently.

July 19-20 

  • College orientation: Introduction to my future home!

August 1 

  • My birthday is a great way to cap off summer. I somehow always end up expecting my birthday to be some special day without any prior planning, and of course are often disappointed. Hopefully I can come up with a good idea for my birthday this year.

Eric’s Plan

May 28 

  • Prom
  • I plan to be looking absolutely dashing on this day, I will be stealing all of the thunder from my girlfriend. Absolutely. 

June 2 

  • Graduation and Grad Night
  • For some unknown reason I bought grad night tickets, so I will be at Walmart Disney Land playing bumper cars until 4am. High School was pretty cool. Mr Shieh is the undisputed G.O.A.T.

June 10 – 15 

  • Trip to Yosemite
  • Earlier this month me and my mom drove to Merced for the jokes even though I already knew I was going to Oregon, and I could literally see Yosemite from there. So now I absolutely have to go and climb half dome. 

June 22

  • Birthday
  • Yaknow. Might do something. Maybe. 

June 30 – July 1 

  • College orientation
  • They charged me 400 dollaroons, so I might as well go. Tough times. 

July 19 – 30

  • Obligatory Trip to New Hampshire: 
  • We have an annual family reunion, so I really just have to go. Get to swim in a lake for like 10 days in a row though, pretty good. 

August 16-20

  • Trip to Tahoe
  • Going to that random lake where my parents got married, and thats about it.