Met Gala Madness

By Emily Burich

Everyone was counting down to one of the most famous events of the year: The Met Gala. The theme, Gilded Glamour, was far from glamorous. This theme prompted for various amounts of ideas that would’ve led to fabulous looks; however, so many people were disappointed.  Emily Ratajkowski, Kourtney Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid are just a few examples of this madness. Don’t get me wrong, these women are gorgeous, but their outfits didn’t do them justice and completely missed the theme. In fact, most of the influencers and celebrities at this event didn’t fit the theme at all.  On the other hand, there were a few people who really pulled off “Gilded Glamour” and had many fans and other celebrities in awe. An example of this perfection is co-chair, Blake Lively.  She had everyone turning their heads to look at her “Statue of Liberty” themed dress, including Ryan Renyolds. Blake Lively’s copper colored dress represented the original state of the statue and when she revealed the green color underneath, fans were screaming. This represented the oxidation of the statue over time, very on theme.  In an interview Blake stated, “‘ I arrived in copper and then it [patinated] to a verdigris,’ she said, referring to how copper develops a blue-green layer of corrosion when exposed to oxide compounds, which taints the color of its surface–like on the Statue of Liberty.

When asking some fellow Westmont students about the Met Gala, junior Eliana Hamamjy answered, “Everybody looked like they were dressed for a different event, all of the outfits were so random and not in theme, it was truly a disaster.”  Eijin Yoshida had many questions: “Who invited Elon Musk?” and “who invited Hillary Clinton?”

Besides Blake, Billie Eilish was another celebrity who was on theme and wore a beautiful gown. She said that “her gown was made of all existing materials so [they] didn’t have to waste a bunch of stuff–this all already existed, and [they] just wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible.”

Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress from 1962.  She looked amazing, and with Pete Davidson by her arm, the couple looked unstoppable.  However, many people thought that the dress shouldn’t have been worn again in order to highlight its significance.  To add, Kim had to lose 16 pounds in order to fit into the dress.  Even after losing that weight, the dress still didn’t fit all the way and Kim had to wear a fur coat to cover it up.  “I was so disappointed in Kim Kardashian for setting a bad example for women.  She shouldn’t brag about losing 16 pounds in 3 weeks just to fit into a dress.  It was bad on so many levels,” said Eliana Hamamjy

People also had a lot to say about Kylie Jenner’s outfit: “Is this the Met Gala or Kylie Jenner’s wedding?” Although she didn’t exactly fit the theme, she also wanted to pay tribute to her friend who passed away in November of 2021.  They were supposed to go to the Met Gala in 2020 together, but because of Covid it was canceled.  It was nice of Kylie to celebrate Vigil’s legacy and last design, but sticking to the theme would’ve been a better choice.

This year’s Met Gala definitely had many surprises, but overall, it was madness.  So many celebrities were off topic and disappointing.