A Messy Multiverse Masterpiece 

By Kendyl Brower

Action, comedy, romance, adventure, family—A24’s latest film, Everything, Everywhere All at Once is truly everything, everywhere, all at once. Starring Michelle Yeoh, the film follows the Chinese Wang family who run a laundromat and must face a frightening I.R.S. audit. Such mundane concepts are contrasted with exuberant costumes, effects, fight choreography, props, and the fact that the entire multiverse is at risk of collapsing. The family encounters a series of different philosophies, from nihilism to absurdity, to find the best possible way to get through their stressful life. A possible divorce, a pestering parent, a daughter who breaks traditions—the Wangs must find ways to come together in the darkest of times. Behind the rather wacky concepts and hilarious dialogue, Everything, Everywhere All at Once is a sentimental piece that highlights the struggles of supporting one another in stressful times. When I left the theater, every single audience member had teary eyes and stuffy noses. I have never cried (or laughed) more in public than I have during this film—it pulls on all the heart while still maintaining a comedic charm and fast pace. 

Though the movie can drag on at times and be hard to follow at others, I think Everything, Everywhere All at Once is a messy multiverse masterpiece. All the confusion and b plots kept me on edge the entire film and enhanced the meaning as a whole: life is disorganized, bizarre, stressful, and chaotic. I highly recommend watching this touching film if you want to laugh, cry, smile, flinch, or just sit in awe.