Cool Record Breakers

By Sophia Christensen 

If you’re into the whole weight lifting thing, I guarantee you’re slacking on one of the most important part of your body: your beard. Lithuanian, Antanas Konstrimas, however, has practiced the art of lifting weight with his beard for years now. In 2013, he set the record for lifting 63.80 kg as well as  Gupse Özay’ın , the presenter of the show. Crazy! 

Ever wonder how many spoons you could fit on your body? Me neither! But, in 2013, Dalibor Jablanovic from Serbia balanced 79 spoons on his body. Although that’s not a huge number, there’s only so many different places one can manage to balance a whole bunch of spoons so kudos to Dalibor!

Nick Stoeberl earned the name, “The Lick” in 2012 when he got the record for the longest tongue. From Monterey, California, Nick holds the Guinness Book of World Records for a tongue measuring 10.10 cm. Woah!