Two In One Deal

By Heder Ambriz 

The Weeknd will be performing on August 27th at the Levis Stadium, an exciting venture in itself. But when Doja Cat was announced as part of his show, my excitement broke loose.  The Weeknd already has great musical hits to perform, but with Doja’s amazing music, this concert will sound like heaven. This announcement was declared on The Weeknd’s Instagram account, with tour dates and bold letters stating: “Ft. Doja Cat”. Although the ticket prices are somewhat pricey, with front row seats costing as high as 900 dollars, the price will certainly not stop me from attending this once-in-a-lifetime experience of a concert. If anyone has been to a Doja Cat concert before, you must know that they don’t disappoint, and when The Weeknd is added to the equation, the show will become unforgettable.