He’s Home!

By Julia Kemp

Magnificent, distinguished, and glorious—Harry Styles returns ready to break the internet with his brilliant lyricism and spectacular presence. Two years after the release of his grammy-nominated sophomore album, Fine Line, Harry Styles has finally announced the release of his third studio album: Harry’s House. Scheduled to release on May 20, 2022, Harry’s House will feature 13 tracks—tracks that will undoubtedly become beloved by millions. The cover of Harry’s House features the singer with wide-cut blue jeans and a collared blouse in a modestly decorated living room flipped upside down. Perhaps most notable to fans about the cover art is the door to the room; the distinguishable round shape led fans to pair it with the Instagram account @youarehome, which mysteriously posted pictures of the door with images behind it. As it turns out, the pictures were stills from the “As It Was” music video, Harry’s House’s lead single. “As It Was,” with its happy and upbeat sound paired with depressed and lonely lyrics, shows the mature direction that Styles’ music is taking. If the tracks on Harry’s House are anything like “As It Was,” I believe that Harry Styles fans are in for the album of the century. Watch out for the British singer’s homecoming, and make sure to stream Harry’s House on May 20.