#Free the Old Disney

By Emma Kidger

The iconic shows. The era defining fashion. The legendary actors. The wand. All things I miss from Disney Channel’s past. Way back when I would flaunt my Hannah Montana backpack while rocking my fully pink Justice-bought outfit, the only thing that could truly make my day was turning the TV on to the original Disney Channel. Nothing beats watching Troy Bolton sing “Bet on It” or singing along to the Good Luck Charlie theme song. Beginning with a Disney star and a “and you’re watching Disney Channel,” the fun begins, and you bask in excitement waiting to watch the newest episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Can you remember those days full of happiness and the old, better, Disney channel? Ahhh I can a thousand times over. However, I must warn you: do not dare turn on Disney Channel in this current day and age. Trust me, you will just be disappointed. The moronic shows and movies that now damage our once glorious channel just disrespect all the hard work and legendary acting done way back in the 2000s and 2010s. After the shows Austin and Ally or Liv and Maddie, I just knew: the legendary days of my dear Disney Channel were coming to a close. Maybe if we can rile up Raven Simone or some of the other Disney stars, the channel can make a comeback? Oh wait. They did this. And it honestly made it worse and more disheartening. I suppose now I can only satisfy the need to relive my nostalgic glory days of Disney Channel superiority with the greats now archived on Disney+. #FreetheoldDisney.