By Alessandra Kelly

Some of the best cartoons of my childhood relate to superheroes; however, most of these cartoons were formulated for the male audience. Unfortunately, I never truly cared. I  dare to say I may have enjoyed these cartoons more than my younger brother. 

  To begin, my all time favorite animated series remains Superman. Who doesn’t love Superman? Handsome, intelligent, buff—all describe the near perfect man of steel. However, Clark Kent’s good looks did not carry the entire show. Each episode took viewers on a rollercoaster, always excited to go back around again and watch the next episode. 

Secondly, Justice League Unlimited (note the word unlimited) remains second in my viewership rating system. The series’ ranking correlates directly to the fact that Superman was in the series quite often. 

Tied for third, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remain more than meets the eye, providing hours of fresh entertainment along with pizza, throughout the two series. 

Lastly, He-Man (and the Masters of the Universe), showcase a superhero with superhuman strength (like Superman, but slightly worse). Although, I would admit He-Man’s Battle Cat is pretty cool. 

Overall, I would recommend for everyone to watch these series no matter your age, and for those who might disagree with my ratings/choices, I will happily say you’re wrong.