Crumbl Cookie Review 

By Hailey Abdilla, Kendyl Brower, Sophia Christensen, and Lindsay Der

Buttermilk pancakes, cornbread, and churro, oh my! The viral cookie store sensation, Crumbl, offers four everchanging, wacky flavors. With massive portions, easy shareability, and delicious combinations, it’s no wonder why millions of customers are drawn back week after week. But do the actual cookies hold up to the immense popularity? We decided to test it out and here’s how the cookie crumbled: 

Oreo Milkshake: An unexpected highlight, this cookie was actually gifted to us by the amicable manager. Since they didn’t have the cookie we ordered (the elusive Honeycomb), he gave us the choice of another cookie and a free second one! Now, I didn’t expect to enjoy this cookie too much—since I usually stray away from cookies and cream-flavored desserts—but it was super delicious! Topped with a mini Oreo, the cookie and frosting melted perfectly in my mouth, despite being served cold. The Oreo filling frosting paired perfectly with the crumbled Oreo-filled cookie. Rating: 8.5/10

New York Cheesecake: My mouth began to water at the sight of the cookie, and when finally given the opportunity to eat it, the scrumptious cheesecake topping left my mouth tingling. Topped with mini cheesecake crumbs, I couldn’t have asked for better proportions of ingredients on a cookie. Crumbl cookies have been known to be undercooked and sometimes way too soft, but the New York Cheesecake cookie was perfectly golden brown around the edges and a little soft in the middle. Honestly, it might be my first or second favorite cookie…Rating: 9/10

Berries and Cream: We are little lads who love berries and cream. Seriously, this cookie was delicious and like before, not as underbaked as usual. The whip on top was delectable and not too sweet like some of Crumbl’s other frostings. As well, the berry topping in the middle was so refreshing! It was a simple but delicious compote that elevated the cookie completely. However, we all agreed that the cookie base tasted much like a Belvita breakfast bar. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it was just more bar-ish than cookie-ish. Overall, this cookie is a wonderful palette cleanser because it is not overly sweet. Rating: 8.7/10

Cornbread: One of the best cookies that has ever crumbled. Topped with a sweet whipped honey butter which melted perfectly on the warm cookie, this cornbread-cookie amalgamation featured perfect crunchy bits—just like the ones in real cornbread! Again, I was surprised by the delectability of this cookie, since cornbread doesn’t exactly seem like it’d be a winning flavor, but, oh boy, it is! 9.5/10

Peanut Butter Brownie: Historically, Crumbl’s chocolate-based cookies have left me severely disappointed as they’re too sweet and too strong. However, the peanut butter brownie was a pleasant surprise as I felt the sweetness from the brownie and savory from the peanut butter was a really good balance that didn’t leave me overwhelmed. The cookie was delicious and gooey but still cookie enough to be enjoyable. Albeit quite rich, I truly enjoyed this blend of flavors and would put peanut butter brownie toward the top of my Crumbl cookie list. Rating: 8/10 

Cake Batter Blondie: Wayyy too sweet for me personally, it tasted painful and after one bite, it gave me a little tooth ache. Rating: 2/10. However, Senior Hailey Abdilla has a slightly different opinion than me on this one… The mix of flavors, perfect. You can’t go wrong with cake batter. A cake batter ice cream connoisseur myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this cake batter cookie. Rating: 8/10

Banana Cream Pie: Lowkey gross and actually tasted like pie. Rating: 1/10

Blueberry Muffin: Would’ve probably enjoyed it more for breakfast as it tasted like a Belvita blueberry breakfast bar. Rating: 6.5/10

Iced Oatmeal: An oatmeal cookie can never go wrong, the oat-ty crunch paired with raisins and sugary batter is to die for, especially the delicious gorgeous icing frosting adding some freshness that wasn’t too sweet. Rating: 8.77/10