By Raymond Gao

We arrived, we are here

along the carpeted halls. 

Our eyes focused upbound.

Above, we saw the stairs, 

and the stairs, and more stairs.

The time had arrived, so

we begin the ascent. 

We went upbound, and up. 

Tower on tower, those stairs,

they seemed to have no end.

All our space did was to

lead upbound, higher. 

We climbed the halls

of the endless stairs, 

there was only one thing

that exists in this place. 

The journey continues, 

it enters the next day.

The stairs remain,

upbound, still higher. 

The end is still ahead,

past a unrelenting climb. 

We eventually get tired, 

of the unchanging scenery. 

The stairs continue upbound, 

the way continues upbound, 

the future we see is higher, 

the halls remain to climb. 

Days turn in to weeks, 

the weeks turn into months. 

We never reach the questions, 

so why are we up here?