Gang Beasts 

By Sophia Christensen

Simply put, Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game with ruthless flimsy characters, brutal fight sequences, and absurd dangerous environments, set in the streets of Beef City. The point of the game is simple: be the last one standing, or more savagely, kill off the other players. The first to win 5 rounds (or however many rounds you set) wins!

First things first, you’re going to need to choose your character. Luckily, they have a variety of options for those who are picky in their Gang Beasts identification. The options are endless, offering any color and occupation or thing you could think of, ranging from a purple penguin to a chartreuse mad scientist. 

My friends and I first got introduced to the game by Freshman Elias Der, and since then we have not been able to put the controls down. Obnoxious screeching and loud cackling can be heard from two houses down as we mercilessly dominate the game. We highly recommend the game, especially since it has become apparent we release all of our pent up aggression through killing each other’s character on Gang Beasts. As our obsession has gone on, we have discovered new tips and tricks to guarantee you a win. 

Here comes the most difficult part we’ve all been waiting for: the controls. Learning the controls takes days of practice, maybe even weeks, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes muscle memory. However, the only control you really need to know in order to win is L2 and R2–picking up people, and Y–throwing them. Senior Kendyl Brower figured out this secret during a 5-person match and absolutely dominated everyone. Whether finding yourself on the top of a rooftop building, on top of a moving train or dangling from an elevator, it is important you have trained yourself in the art of throwing people off of high edges. 

The next most important control to learn would have to be holding L1 and R1–hanging on. With the absurd environments with terrifying heights every which way, and your teammates punching you nonstop, it is important that if you begin falling off of a high surface or into the water, you hang on for dear life. Sometimes you’ll begin to slip and ultimately die off, but sometimes your teammates can be in a brawl while you’re just hanging in there, and eventually, they will die off–which will guarantee you the winner.