Cheer Update

By Kendall Albrecht

(as of March 13)

On Friday February 11, the long-awaited day finally came. Westmont Cheer’s Red team ventured to Florida to compete against teams from all over the country for the nationals trophy. The team performed their two-and-a-half-minute routine consisting of stunts, tumbling, and jumps for a panel of judges. Although the team did not continue to finals, the exhilaration of finally performing in Florida after months of hard work made the trip worthwhile. 

Meanwhile, Black team prepared for one week longer, heading to USA nationals in Anaheim on the 24. Not only did Black team perform their fifteen-person routine like Red team, but group stunt performed as well. While traditional competition cheer includes multiple stunt groups with dance, jumps, and tumbling woven-in, group stunt performances consist of one stunt group stunting for the entirety of a one-minute routine. 

Despite having nationals, practices did not die down for Westmont’s cheerleaders after nationals. CCS finals, usually taking place before nationals, had been delayed. Black team went straight back to work the week after nationals. The hard work obviously paid off as Black team placed third at CCS, only behind second by a point and a half. 

Now that competition cheer has come to a close until next year, athletes transition into stunt cheer. Stunt is another division of cheer where a four-quarter game is played. The first quarter contains six partner stunt routines. The second has six pyramids and tosses routines. The third includes six jumps and tumbling routines. The fourth and final quarter combines all three. Routines range in difficulty, one being the easiest and six being the hardest. Each competing team has the chance to call a routine of their choice and perform it side by side for a judge. The team that executes the routine most successfully gets a point. Keep an ear out for the results of the first game against Silver Creek on March 16!