Call Her Crazy  

By Emma Kidger

Over the past couple months, Alex Cooper and her Call Her Daddy podcast have received a huge amount of furious backlash from episodes which have created a multitude of controversies. After leaving her job at Barstool Sports, Alex Cooper began the podcast with her ex-roommate, Sofia Franklyn, in 2018. Since then, a huge breakout between the co-hosts left Cooper on her own with the podcast. Calling the podcast a place for “women’s locker-room conversation,” Cooper fills every episode with a multitude of topics curated for women in their older teens and beyond. In most episodes she invites guests for interviews and their insight on femininity, sexuality, and more. While Cooper’s podcast has the right goal in mind and creates a very enticing platform that makes people want to tune in, the conversations often go too far and give unrealistic expectations and representation of the discussed topics. 

Alex Cooper seems to forget that she’s only a podcaster on a relatively unreputable podcast. Therefore, she shouldn’t be advising listeners to do things or think things that she has no profession in. On top of that, she gives a very sugar-coated perspective on misogyny, sexuality, and relationships—all because she is using celebrity guests to back up her points. If Cooper’s podcast was really about “sexual liberty and personal empowerment,” she should have solid and concrete conversations with professionals or even everyday indivudials rather than making people listen to fantasy ridden examples from celebrities who have extremely different perspectives and lifestyles. There is nothing “relevant and provocative” promoted on the so-called lifestyle podcast which is really more like listening to E! News

Recent episodes and featured guests of Call Her Daddy display how Cooper’s original intentions have been ultimately consumed by popularity and the need to increase listeners. On January 17, Jamie Lynn Spears made a feature on the podcast. Usually, this wouldn’t be of any importance, however the interview took place in the middle of the controversy surrounding her public feud with her sister Britney Spears, and Britney’s conservatorship. In addition, Jamie Lynn Spears has absolutely nothing to do with or any expertise on any of the topics discussed on Call Her Daddy clearly showing how Cooper manipulatively took advantage of Spear’s sudden popularity to boost her own podcast. Another popular episode featuring Youtuber Emma Chamberlain also massively sparked sudden interest in Call Her Daddy. While Emma Chamberlain fans know her tendency to close off conversations surrounding her relationships and “personal” matters, to go on a very exposing and personally focused  podcast  seemed very odd. Knowing the youtuber’s renowned success and huge influence, Cooper used the popularity to her best advantage and forced out a lot of conversations which otherwise would not have been publicized. Oftentimes you can catch Chamberlain’s hesitancy to answer questions or share personal information making the episode seem forced and uncomfortable. 

All in all, the controversy around the Call Her Daddy podcast has highlighted the ungenuine and unrealistic platform Cooper creates. While Spotify continues to promote and encourage the continuation of the podcast through an exclusive contract, nothing has held back Alex Cooper from continuing the toxic platform. The “about” paragraph (featured on spotify) depicts a very empowering and progressive podcast for women but trust me when I say Call Her Daddy is nothing of the sort.