Praise For Pupils

Jason Maldanado~ Always question, always wonder! – Joe Farwell.

Sergio Macian Rojas~The energy you bring to class is amazing. You are a great student who works hard. Keep it up! – Kate Mullen. 

Kaili and Sophia~ Thank you for your positive attitude and enthusiasm. – Joy Brawn.

Coco Dougher~ shout out to you for being a rockstar goalie! You always bring your best to class and I appreciate your lively spirit! – Kate Mullen.

Fionn Lister~ Excellent Vocabulary Video! – Chris Haskett

Tamba~ Keep smiling and doing your best! – Jennifer Halas.

Ethan Kiyokos and Guissepe~ Thank you for always making me laugh. – Paula Smith

Oulce~ Thank you for helping your classmates. – Taylor Wakefield

Brenda Maya Ramirez~ Great job helping your classmates with test conditions you did a fantastic job! – Jill La Fetra 

Sharick~ Thank you for always giving 100 percent! – Taylor Wakefield 

Victoria Fine~ You are doing an awesome job leading your peers. – Jeff Bengford

Raven Carthon~ you so totally rock! – Jeff Bengford

Aarushi and Anisha~ You two are great leaders! Continue to challenge yourself and lead!- Eric Buran

Jason Kodner~ I appreciate your genuine interest in class! And how hard you work! Keep up the great work! – Adam Perez

Jonah Martinez~ you are so talented! And your fearless curiosity inspires me to try to be a better teacher. – Jeff Bengford 

Sinchana Holla~ you are so smart and talented. – Jeff Bengford

Kendyl, Sophia, Lindsay, Hailey~ Keep it swifty! Stay positive and continue to challenge yourself! – Eric Buran

Eliza Larkins~ you are a delight to have in class and to work with on stage! – Jeff Bengford

Makeya~  It’s because of you that I love my job! – Daniela Azuela

Matine Nejad~ I love working on tech projects with you! – Jeff Bengford

Micheal Castenada~ Great job in speed soccer, keep up that awesome effort. – Paula Smith

Nishad Malik~ I mentioned in class that my dad was in the hospital. A couple days later you asked how my dad was doing. Thank you for showing your kindness and concern. – Amanda Borges

Lenny~ Thank you for being such an awesome peer tutor! I appreciate you. Joy Brawn

Tim Blake~ What tremendous speaking skills! – Chris Haskett

Hadna~ You never give up and always try. I love that about you! – Sheri Crutcher 

Milo and Luciano~ Thank you for the energy and respect you have brought to my class. – David Duarte

Jack De Cesare~ You make me laugh with your funny way of asking questions. You are inquisitive! – Gargi Verma 

Mirna~ You are an amazing TA! I appreciate all that you do! – Joy Brawn

Lauren Moralia Cerpas~ No pierdas la fuerza podrás lograr tus metas. – Christian Parks. 

Larena Tannert~ Larena brings positive energy and a passion for learning every day that benefits everyone around her. – Chris Mock

Amelie Arango~ Amelie is not only a great student in the classroom but a great person out of it. She impresses me with her commitment and dedication to making the school and the community a better place. – Chris Mock

Robert Benjamin Bolival~ Robert is impressive not only academically but with his kind, friendly nature. He is always the first person to engage other students who might be quieter around him and he makes everyone around him feel welcomed and valued. – Chris Mock

Alexis Vega~ Alexis is a joy to be around, he isn’t afraid to talk to anyone and he knows how to make them laugh. – Chris Mock

Ben Simon~ I am so happy that you had an amazing and successful senior night. – Matt Schembri 

Diego Vera~ I am proud of the work you have done on the soccer field but even more proud of your work in the classroom. – Matt Schembri

Aiden~ Keep working hard in baseball and being a good student in PE. – Anthony Santos

Zach~ I am proud of your hard work and dedication in class. Your squat has increased 100 lbs plus since the start of the year. Keep it up! – Anthony Santos. 

Marley Novak~ Great work in manufacturing tech! I appreciate your attention to detail. – Brett Peterson

Tim Zimie~ Pleasure having you in class over the past few years. Continue your hard work and dedication! – Brett Peterson. 

Stella Walker~ a star is born. – Bryce Hadley

Chance LaVoic~ There’s a high probability or chance that he does well. – Bryce Hadley

Eisen Small~  It’s no small achievement to do well in Honors English II. – Bryce Hadley

Aurora Brown~ Bright and colorful in intellect and personality, Aurora is bound to succeed. – Bryce Hadley

Daniella De La Cruz~ Daniela always understands the crux of the argument. – Bryce Hadley 

Jacquelyn Guadarrama Gonzalez~ Jacquelyn is always on time, thoughtful, allegiant and a very positive person. – Liz Jarrett

Minh-Ahh Cao~ She is a  yearbook rockstar! On time with deadlines and design is on point – Liz Jarrett

Avery Yin~ a detailed writer, dedicated to learning, stellar badminton/volleyball player. – Liz Jarrett

Ariana Rivera~ always has a positive attitude and a strong work ethic! – Denise Picard

Jaden Pestana~ Jaden is so funny and friendly! – Denise Picard 

Jonathon Campana~ Jonathon works so hard and is dominating AP Psych!- Denise Picard

Saysa Reddy~ Saysa is a great kid, friendly, funny etc, but make no mistake she will bring an AP World History test to its knees! – Jim Marshall

Etta Chase~ Etta is way beyond her years! What a delight to have in class. – Jim Marshall

Logan Biss~ Logan is a silent assassin in World History. I wish he was in AP. His notebook is legendary! – James Marshall

Lisa~ Lisa is so incredibly intelligent, insightful and full of passion for life I really enjoy her wit and intelligence!- Joshua Joesten

Sienna Bye~ a great athlete, awesome personality, an absolute joy to teach! – Jeff Poppinga

Charlene Gervais~ Great personality and spirit love your energy! – Jeff Poppinga

Shoutout to James (Luke) Castleman (9th Grade). Thank you for being kind and always staying positive. I appreciate you very much. -Joseph Flores

Thank you to all my students who have a positive attitude and make my classes fun and engaging. -Joseph Flores

Laissa~ I’m so glad I’m your teacher. Keep up the effort and you’ll be a math rockstar! 🙂 -Denise Shenefiel

To all the SAI Students at Westmont High, you have proven to be tough, thoughtful, and amazing learners! I could not be more proud! – Kristen Lastra

Wesley~ Your work effort impresses me everyday. Keep it up! -Denise Shenefiel

ASB Students have been working so hard this year to serve the students of Westmont. They have spent countless hours recognizing others, creating memories and serving the community. I am so proud of them. -Laura Saldaña

I loves the big personality juniors in 2nd period! -Seth Graydon

Thank you Maddon Hohchoit! You are always thinking of how to make school a better place! Great follow through. -Liz Jarrett

I am so proud of all the Math IV Juniors and Seniors in the hard work they have put in this year and their ability to persevere. I’m excited to see all the awesome things you all achieve!! -John Riffle

I appreciate how Artin Ghafooripour always selflessly helps other Digital Electronics students. -Daniel Coonce

I love how creative my seniors got with their vocabulary Valentines!- Gabi Hopkins

I am so grateful for my Freshman class, you guys are funny, wild, and a joy to be around. <3 Love you guys. -Betty Camacho

This year’s juniors did an amazing job last year in distance learning. Nice job!- Randy Wallace

I am always energized with my 1st period U.S. History class- The best students ever! They are interesting and enjoy learning. So many students are improving their writing skills! Thank you- Cathy Johnsgard

My students are rockstars! They take challenges head on, and are (outworldly) unfazed by mistakes and failures. They are also brave enough to actually ask questions if they don’t know the answers! STUDS! -Jim Marshall

Thank you students for treating each other well and staying safe! -Matt de Cesare

AP Lang students are going to rock the AP test in May. -Dianne Leo