Fashionista Fran

By Kendyl Brower

Nothing quite encapsulates chic NYC fashion like Ms. Fran Fine from 90s sitcom, The Nanny. After a month-long binge, I find myself constantly searching for ways to emulate the queen from Flushings, sporting printed mini skirts, playful patterns, and of course, hyperfeminine two-piece sets. What I admire most about Ms. Fine’s wardrobe is her ability to be quirky, unique, and bold yet retain her elegance and class. Her combination of fruit patterns, piano skirts, and sequined blazers with sleek skirts, tasteful turtle necks, and refined heels work wonders—it is no surprise that The Nanny Stylist Brenda Cooper won an Emmy for costume design! As 90s trends circle back into current fashion like clockwork, I look to Fran Fine for guidance. So, if you too want to dress like a glamorous NYC nanny, here are some ways to mimic Ms. Fine. 

1.) Statement Skirts

2.) Turtlenecks

3.) Bold Jackets

4.) Headbands