Left Twix, Right Twix

By Heder Ambriz

Although Right and Left Twix taste the same, they are created differently, leading them to have significant differences and forcing people to choose their favorite. The Left Twix has drizzled caramel and the Right has cascaded caramel, making no taste difference to the consumer, but making a clear visual difference.  While interviewing several people at Westmont, I got different opinions on which side is the elite Twix, answers varied by personal preference. Personally, I prefer Left Twix, only because I’m left-handed.

Beda Madris (Class of 2020): Left Twix, because the Right sounds nasty. I have tried the Right one and it did not taste the same.

Manuel Madris (Class of 2023): I don’t know.

William Jurasek (Class of 2025): Left Twix because Right sounds basic.

Volleyball Coach Yune: Left Twix because I put on my left sock and left shoe on first.

Nupur Kudapkar: Right Twix because Left is generic.

Based on this information, whether or not Left or Right Twix is better will vary depending on the person and the connection they feel to each side.