Kanye vs. Pete

By Sophia Christensen

Beloved and admired for his mastery in music yet dismissed and frowned upon for his occasional inappropriate behavior, Kanye West holds a controversial reputation. After personal complications and a weak relationship, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian moved on from Kanye to the young SNL star and comedian, Pete Davidson surprisingly quick. As anyone would assume, Kanye did not take it very well. Therefore, Kanye did what was only right to do: post all of his negative thoughts toward Pete and Kim on social media. About a month ago, Kanye had 14 posts on his Instagram page, one of which was regarding his worry about his family fading apart, and the other 13 were screenshots of his and Pete’s text messages, paired with an essay for each caption passive-aggressively dissing Pete and harassing Kim. One caption, in particular, read, “THERE’S A SKETE (referring to Pete) LURKING IN EVERY DIRTY A** ALLEY WAITING TO HELP DESTROY YOUR FAMILY…@kimkardashian ALWAYS REMEMBER WEST WAS YOUR BIGGEST W.” Shortly after, Kanye deleted everything off of his Instagram page (or perhaps, his marketing team did) and came close to apologizing, posting, “I know sharing screenshots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim. I take accountability. I’m still learning in real-time. I don’t have all the answers. To be a good leader is to be a good listener.” Essentially, Kanye blamed his social media harassment and backlash on his mental illness to make his fans pity him. Furthermore, this could entirely be his publicists talking, with Kanye feeling no remorse at all.

If it’s not yet clear enough, Kanye is in the wrong for harassing someone who is half his age and for bashing and manipulating his ex-wife. In the texts, Pete was clearly extremely uncomfortable with him posting their conversations and was concerned for his safety. Taking it even further, Kanye produced a music video for “Eazy” which depicted a decapitated Pete Davidson in an eerie claymation style—yikes. Whether Kanye likes Pete and Kim together or not, Kim and Kanye are divorced and over. They can easily be good parents to their children if they try hard enough so Kanye should not use “their family breaking” as an excuse to control who Kim talks to or finds interest in. To be frank, it’s just extremely immature and unsafe for Kanye to put Pete on blast on social media with millions of followers. As Pete once said on SNL, actually talking about Kanye West, “being mentally ill isn’t an excuse to be a jack***.”