By Rachell Carbajal

Laufey Lin, a singer songwriter from Iceland, is a jazz and classical singer who is showing her talent to the world. Since her earliest teenage years, Laufey has always partaken in music and performance, until late 2020 where Laufey began pouring her heart and soul into covers/writing of mainly jazz pop and classical music on the viral app, TikTok. With her covers, she received lots of love towards her voice, with that she began slowly releasing her own songs. She debuted with her single, “Street by Street,” which charted first on Icelandic Radio. Then, later on April 30, 2021 Laufey released her very own EP, Typical of Me. This EP included; “Street by Street,” “Magnolia,” “Like the Movies,” “I Wish You Love,” “James,” “Someone New,” and “Best Friend.” This EP received lots of affections from musicians such as  Billie Eillish, Rolling Stones, Willow Smith, Kim Taehyung, (from BTS) and many more. Laufey has always had her signature genre of music, during her childhood years her father was a big influence on her music style, he had many jazz records from legends such as; Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and more. This unfolded a big path towards her main three genres she sings, composes, and plays; jazz, bedroom pop, and classical music. She was able to release such wonderful tracks from her own college dorm. Lately, Laufey has began frequently posting on her TikTok account, hosting her own show which she talks about many genres of music, and she has been recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she had her U.S debut by performing one of her songs, “Like the Movies” off of her EP, Typical of Me.