Angel Numbers

By Julia Kemp

Have you ever looked at your phone, and noticed the time is exactly 2:22? Or maybe you’ve ordered a cup of coffee and noticed that the total came out to  exactly $3.21? If you believe in angel numbers, this is not a coincidence. Angel numbers are usually repetitive or have a pattern (like 888 or 54321). These numbers are found in ordinary places (like a coffee shop or a clock) and grab your attention. According to those who believe in angel numbers, these recurrent numbers grab your attention because they are sent to us by spiritual figures that are there to confirm that you are on the right path. 

Angel numbers can mean something different for every person, and each person might have a different angel number that they see in ordinary life. For example, if a person sees 5555 in everyday life, they could interpret it as a sign that they are doing the right thing, or as a sign of danger. If you see an angel number frequently, try thinking about what you are doing and thinking when you see that number to determine it’s personal meaning for you. 

Below are some angel numbers and their common meanings (but remember, every angel number means something different  for each person).


The number 4 represents change. It is associated with productivity, durability, and resolve and it resembles a transition from one phase of life to another. 


Due to the numbers association with the devil or antichrist, some people find 666 to mean bad things are happening or will happen soon. However, 666 could also be a sign of encouragement, and a sign to not lose sight of yourself. In addition, 6666 is a sign of romantic love and it means that you’re about to go on a new journey and find a new connection. 


888 means fresh possibilities are coming. Infinity can be found in 8, and many believe that the number 8 means that you will find infinite success and change in your future.