Humans of Westmont: Nadia Zaya

By Cynthia Andary 

Junior at Westmont High School, Nadia Zaya, more commonly known as “Nad,”  remains one of the most spirited students. Constantly lifting the energy at football games, she never fails to get the crowd hyped. I have been friends with her for years now and can say first hand that she is a ball of energy. She puts that energy to good use by being involved in multiple extracurricular activities including both school and club soccer, LIFE Crew, and Best Buddies. Long time friend of Nadia, Tanya Olmos, stated, “She’s very funny and outgoing.” Most can say that she lights up a room with her humor, constantly cracking jokes and being the hyper person she is. Ultimately, Nadia remains a great friend and even greater student who balances her school and social life very well. Everyone needs a friend like Nad!