By Alessandra Kelly

Chris Haskett, an esteemed high school teacher, works around the clock to provide an entertaining and informative instruction to his students at Westmont High School. Interestingly enough, Haskett graduated from Del Mar High School. However, Haskett will be proud to tell you his true home remains at Westmont, with all his students and fellow teachers. 

Haskett attended elementary school at Blackford, in which he gained his personable and undeniable people skills. For middle school, Haskett went to Campbell Jr. High School with principal, Jason Miller! Haskett notes the staggering difference between the two individuals is due to one event: Haskett attended Del Mar.   

At college, Haskett spent his time reading constantly for his classes from Shakespearean to gothic literature, as he was a lit major at UC Santa Cruz! His favorite book in college, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, is a satirical novel. The novel reads like an autobiography, covering the protagonist’s birth, moments of mourning, and anything in between. While doubling his mass amount of knowledge, his love of books continued to grow as he attended his favorite course, science fiction literature with Professor Earl Jackson Jr. From all his classes, he developed a love for his favorite genre, science fiction. Haskett has read books like A Scanner Darkly, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which he reread twice during the era of the Zoomesphere.

Later on, Haskett then received two masters degrees at San Jose State University, one in English and another in education. He will be proud to tell you he remains an acclaimed MaMa with these two degrees.

When asking about Haskett’s favorite memories, he mentioned that every graduation which celebrates his past students, the event feels joyous, and teachers and students love celebrating the seniors crossing the finish line and arriving at new beginnings. However, his most memorable experience involves the first day he arrived at Westmont. On the day Haskett was hired, he received a tour from one of the staff members. While exploring the school, Haskett was brought to the back of the campus where the portables remain today. As suspension rose, his tour guide opened the door, and standing right in front of him was his favorite sports journalist, Andrew Evans, another teacher of high caliber at Westmont High School!

To sum up, Haskett remains an extreme asset to Westmont staff, and the world wouldn’t be quite as bright without him and his wonderful teachings.