Green Arrow

By Barry Hirshfeld

Spoiler Alert!

The eighth and final season of Green Arrow features the Crisis on Infinite Earths––a DC multiverse crossover event which resolves Oliver Queen’s character: the Green Arrow, and displays his heroic demise. Oliver faces his terminal destiny after brokering a deal with the Monitor to give his life during the coming crisis for that of the Flash and Supergirl in the season seven DC crossover Elseworlds.

Abandoning his mortal life on Earth, Oliver makes the ultimate sacrifice and departs on a mission with the Monitor to warn other worlds about the crisis. Stalling an army of shadow demons, Oliver saves the lives of billions of people evacuating Earth-38, yet tragically passes away from his sustained injuries. After being resurrected in a Lazirus pit, Oliver returns as DC’s renowned superhero––the Spectre, and allies with the paragons. Utilizing the rest of his power, he defeats the Anti-Monitor and rebuilds the multiverse, losing his life once again.

Two years after the Green Arrow’s sacrifice, Earth-Prime still remains. Emphasizing heroic vigilantism, the Green Arrow will go down as one of the most powerful superheroes in DC history.