The Social Network

By Madeleine Stiffler

Released in 2010, The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, explores the complicated and flawed creation of Facebook, and the partnerships created and ended along the way. Mark Zuckerberg, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, is obviously the star of the film; but let’s turn the lens to focus on Eduardo Saverin, portrayed by none other than Andrew Garfield. Many could argue that playing the main character is easy, especially when they are playing a larger than life CEO of a trillion dollar company. However, having to step into the shoes of an individual with a egotistical and emotionally vulnerable personality, Garfield displays the complexity of being best friends and business partners with a seemingly selfish and aloof businessman. The chemistry between Garfield and Eisenberg remains unmistakable and even at times uncomfortable, as the friendship between their characters, Zuckerberg and Saverin, ends poorly. Garfield perfectly encapsulates the “sidekick” cliche, and wins the hearts of his audience by becoming the suave and steadfast underdog once he parts ways with Zuckerberg. Additionally, Garfield’s classic one-liner “lawyer up a**hole” has taken the internet by storm and become a crowd favorite amongst the Andrew Garfield fans. Putting on the performance of a lifetime, Garfield clearly illustrates the story of Eduardo Saverin in becoming the cofounder of Facebook in an artistic, yet realistic way. Garfield’s range as an actor really brings the role to life as he fully embodies the people and characters he plays throughout all of his films. Although The Social Network isn’t  a relatable story, Garfield somehow pulls you into the film to make you feel like the backstabbed business partner Saverin. Having won multiple awards, such as the Academy Award for Best Writing, it remains no surprise that this movie has become a cult classic for film fanatics, good ole Andrew Garfield followers, and the average movie enjoyer.