By Rina Weaver

Paradox: a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement, a literary device, and a term Tyler, The Creator uses quite frequently in “Yonkers.” The song is filled with many contradictions. The first discrepancy abides in the first line where Tyler states, “I’m a walking paradox, no I’m not.” In another verse, Tyler declares, “Green paper, gold teeth, and pregnant golden retrievers all I want. Money, diamonds, and women don’t need ‘em.” Green paper stands for money. Gold teeth symbolize jewels and diamonds. Pregnant golden retrievers represent women. Tyler basically says, “Money, diamonds, and women are what I want, however, I don’t want them.” Another contradictory statement. Also, Tyler says, “I’m an overachiever, so how about I start a team of leaders and pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide receiver.” No offense to Stevie Wonder, but it is extremely doubtful that a football team would ever want him due to his complete blindness, proving this another contradictory statement. 

Throughout the song, Tyler argues with his alter ego, Wolf Haley, who he ultimately wants to be. Tyler says one thing in the song, then Wolf Haley completes the contradiction with his input. All in all, like most Tyler, The Creator’s songs, it is a big emotional cluster of his problems, deep aggressive tensions, and ill-content with his life.