Warrior Wardrobe: Taya Saxe

By Emma Kidger

Iconic, stylish, and chic- Senior Taya Saxe can always be found wearing a snazzy fit.  Usually rocking her signature converses and winged eyeliner, Taya arrives bright and early everyday ready to take on her day in style. Every once in a while you might see Taya in one of her many finds from her weekly Depop endeavors. Hands down Taya checks off all the boxes for a fashionista deeming her the place as one of the issues Warrior Wardrobe highlights. 

1. 3 words that describe your style: 

Three words that describe my style are casual, neutral, and simple. 

2. Do you have any fashion icons?

I don’t really have any fashion icons, I mostly look on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. 

3. Favorite item in your closet:

My favorite item in my closet is either my Jadon Dr. Martens or my Unif Kira pants. 

4. Where do you buy your clothes?

I buy almost all of my clothes second hand, from either Depop, thrift stores, Poshmark, or Ebay. On the rare occasions I don’t buy second hand, I shop at Brandy Melville and Unif. 

5. Favorite fashion trend!

My favorite fashion trend are platform boots. They are a nice addition to any outfit and look super cool with anything. 

6. Least favorite fashion trend:

My least favorite fashion trend was like the “coconut girl” style that was popular this summer. The patterns went out of style within a month. 

7. Any fashion tips for your fellow Warriors?

Wear what’s comfortable and cool to you!