Warrior Wardrobe: Leo Commisso

By Emma Kidger and Madeleine Stiffler 

Senior Leo Commisso fully embodies the bold characteristics of a fashion icon. Usually self-proclaiming his fits as “hard as hell,” you can usually find Leo rocking a new fit. Well versed in the world of fashion and everyday outfit trends, the Tilly’s worker never fails to outshine his classmates in a new sweatshirt or in his statement black coat. 

1. 3 words that describe your style:

Individual, bold, comfy. 

2. Do you have any fashion icons?

My favorite artist Juice Wrld got a fire fashion sense, I usually look at rappers for style inspo, Lil Tecca fire, Lil Mosey put me on to Boohooman but I’m not inspired by his clothes, and Ski Mask is huge to me as well because his style is so personalized and he put me on to the Fanny pack. Other than rappers, I follow a bunch of random people on insta for style tips and inspo.

3. Favorite item in your closet?

I got this maroon bomber jacket I found thrifting, I got this heavy brown basic jacket I love and I got these black jeans with a lightning graphic on them, love them. 

4. Where do you buy your clothes?

Boohooman for bold pieces, H&M for essentials and basics.

5. Favorite fashion trend?

I’m big on street wear. I love my graphic shirts and clothes, but I love being comfy… so comfy clothes and graphics 

6. Least favorite fashion trend:

I guess the official term is “justaprep” but I don’t like the eboy style not a fan at all

7. Any fashion tips for your fellow Warriors?

Get a job so you can spend all the money you want on clothes, but don’t feel afraid to wear something you like. If you like something wear that “ish” proud