Winter Accessories We Need To Bring Back!

By Rachell Carbajal

  1. Ear Muffs: 1887, a young boy (15 years old) by the name of Chester Greenwood from Maine, was ice-skating with his grandmother when he suddenly came up with the brilliant idea to protect his cold ears, with ear muffs. He was unfortunately allergic to the wool used on ear mufflers so he created his own ear muffs. This invention not only helped his problem, but it started a big business and even helped his town stay employed for over 50 years. Not only is this accessory useful but it’s cute and stylish to have a plain look and a little pizzazz!
  2. Mittens: Many may say that mittens are just gloves, but in fact mittens are not only much more warmer than gloves and stylish than gloves, they intrestingly hold feminist history as well. Although there isn’t an exact date as to when mittens were created, scientists say that mittens have been around for over 1,000 years since the Ice Age, caveman wore simple mittens, mittens in general are just super warm and cozy to wear!!
  3. Leg Warmers: Restating from my “Leg Warmers” article in Issue 4 of the Shield, I’ve stated that leg warmers were originally created for dancers (more specifically, ballet dancers) but later gained popularity and everyone and their mom wanted a pair of leg warmers. At first, leg warmers only came in black or white, but when the warmers hit the market they came in all different colors, sizes, and styles. Leg warmers give a really cozy and cute look to your shoes or pants!!
  4. Scarfs: The origins of scarves were originally created for the summer, in Ancient Rome, men would use scarves as cloths to wipe their sweat, but later on were mainly used for cold temperatures and to protect their upper body from the cold. Back in the day, scarves were also used to show what type of military rank or social status you were, by the color or the style that went on the scarves. Scarves are like a mini blanket you can bring and wear anywhere even in your own home!
  5. Fuzzy Socks: Fuzzy socks are just plain, boring socks that are warm, stylish, unique, and cute socks that you can pair with your sweaters or hats to give a collected look. Not only are fuzzy socks worn in winter but you see them worn in almost every season. We all know that socks protect our feet from the pavement, but fuzzy socks definitely give that extra protection and warmth to our feet!!