Flared Jeans

By Valerie Wang

Expanding at the bottom, flared jeans are making a comeback from the mid-60s. With the slim fit to flared bottoms, flared jeans are both complimentary and elegant—definitely a more sophisticated vibe. The top half of the jeans fit snug, and hug your figure in a flattering way. Easy to move in, flared jeans have stretchy and adaptive material, unlike the stiff and restraining material most jeans have. Also, they come in high-waist, mid-waist, and low-waist! So, everyone can find their perfect pair of flared jeans to boost self-confidence. My first pair of flared jeans, I found myself to be a little hesitant because they seem more “out there,” and frankly, more different from typical current fashion. But, after gathering the courage to wear the flared jeans, I did not regret the decision, and received lots of kind compliments toward the jeans. As more people begin to wear flared jeans, they become more common, and make a great comeback. Overall, I recommend trying flared jeans to try something new—they are perfect for cute casual.