By Alessandra Kelly 

Dune—an intricate movie steering away from the traditional science fiction clichés. The film is set in the distant future where life in the universe and space travel remain dependent on Melangekm, a spice located on the Planet Arrakis.  The emperor of the universe gives Duke Leto Atreidas, a noble leader, control of the planet to mine for the spice. However, the emperor intends to kill Atreidas, as Atreidas is a rising political rival, attempting to gain control of Arrakis. The dilemma forces young, gifted Paul Atreidas, played by Timothee Chalamet, to flee and learn the real truth behind the planet and develop confidence in himself. Those who select to immerse themselves into the two and a half hour movie, will find the various twisting plots of space politics, alliance and betrayal intriguing. The movie unfolds against an amazing landscape, making special effects look natural to the audience. Viewers will thoroughly enjoy the movie and find themselves eager for the next film to release. The movie will make fans out of those who have never seen Chalamet perform, convert individuals who detest his acting (if that is even possible), and make his fanbase profess for all to know; Chalamet is an actor with immense skill and undoubtedly, a great future ahead of him.