Club Focus: Interact

By Kayla Kim

With the myriad of clubs at Westmont, Interact is one of the few clubs that provides community service opportunities and an open space to make new friends! Interact, a crucial club at Westmont, introduces students to many positive services such as food pantry events, beach clean-ups, and hopefully blanket making as we approach the end of the year. With their most recent event, they helped out the community by participating in a food pantry where they served around 200 families within two hours. Helping the community is truly a rewarding experience, and Interact would be thrilled to connect with people and improve the community with you!

Led by President Senior Kayla Kim and Vice President Senior Marcus Swalve, Interact is a club which is always looking for new members and pushing new heights. Senior Dylan Wright expresses, “I really enjoy doing community service through Interact because of how I am able to help out the community with my friends.” Join Interact every Tuesday at lunch in room 24 to learn more about upcoming events!