Aarushi Brings her Aqua- Pods to Infinity & Beyond!

By Emma Kidger

Super Senior Aarushi Wadhwa is back at it again— bringing her Aqua-pods to infinity and beyond. Since the last couple issues, Aarushi’s amazing accomplishments with her Aqua-pod creation have been brought to the next level. Despite having to miss Homecoming week, Aarsuhi placed her focus on Bellevue, Washington at the T-Mobile Headquarters for the Changemaker Challenge Lab. Persuasively, Aarushi used her brilliance to discuss Aqua-Pods with T-Mobile senior leadership and even pitch her project to T-Mobile executives for a chance to receive seed-funding. Not only was she deemed the Environment Category Winner, Aarushi claimed the title of the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Grand Prize Winner! From her successes she won her business $15,000 from T-Mobile. Aarushi notes how her win “felt surreal” and is grateful that “Aqua-Pods will continue to grow.”

From here Aarushi’s impactful and admirable plans begin to take off as her and the rest of the Aqua-pod team plan to begin “partnerships with nurseries to expand our sales.” With her winnings Arrushi can’t wait to expand her business by “filing for a patent, building up our supply chain, and expanding our international efforts to even more places to make a bigger impact.” Aarushi continues to go above and beyond, focusing on bringing “Aqua-Pods to more nations in the Indian and African subcontinent.” 

Once again I am in jaw-dropping awe of Aarushi and all her successes and her devotion to making an impact on the world. Congratulations Aarushi and the Aqua-pods!

To read more about her win and her business check out https://challenges.changemakers.com/challenge/tmochangemaker2021?application=23666267!