Wrestling Preview 

By Alessandra Kelly 

Wrestling—one of the most taxing sports Westmont offers to their students. Come January, the full expected line-up for varsity seems to be around 14 people, with only 4 returning varsity members. The head coach, Andrew Flores, will lead the Westmont wrestling team once again, with grit and fervor for the eighth year. 

As team captain, senior Jazi Vega will lead the varsity wrestling with her superb dedication and excellent execution of the sport. Exclaims Sara Vela, “A solid number of team members have shown dedication and great promise to wrestling. Despite our team being mostly young members, we should be able to win our league.” Sara remains one of Westmont’s most esteemed athletes, placing third in both the Central Coast Section and Folkstyle USAW 15U State Championship in 2019.    

The first wrestling event will take place on November 23, where the varsity girls will participate in a tournament located in Lemoore. 

Due to COVID-19, the wrestling team only competed in three events last year. Separately, some members from varsity competed in other events such as national and west coast tournaments. Westmont alum, Michael Huh, placed fifth at the national tournament, the Freakshow 2020, at a weight class of 108 lbs. Additionally, Leon Belman placed first at the CA Folkstyle State Championships, between competitors of 160 lbs. Overall, I remain excited for the 2021-2022 wrestling team; their dedication and passion will prove to aid them in their training and tournaments this upcoming school year.