The One Where Friends Said Goodbye

By Emma Kidger 

On May 6, 2004 TV viewers had to say goodbye to their 6 most beloved friends. Putting a cap on 10 seasons and over 200 episodes, the iconic TV show Friends concluded one of the largest franchises in entertainment. 51.1 million watchers tuned into the finale of Friends which ended rumors of Ross and Rachel’s relationship and finally gave Monica and Chandler their dream-come-true ending. Exactly 10 years prior, the Friends pilot made its debut in 1994. Kicking off the series, the show captures the ups and downs of adulthood while always having best buds around or even better— living right across the hallway. With the opening of the purple door, the audience can always find a chuckle with one of Chandler’s most iconic lines or Rachel’s dilemmas on her newest relationships or hair-do. Many traditions, fashion trends, and pickup lines came from the NBC series. Plus, now you can always count on someone to do the 5 quick claps whenever you hear the iconic Friends theme song

Since the finale episode in 2004, many fans have seemed to settle with the ending of all the friends stories, but still the rumors of a reboot have always been whispered about. On May 27 of this year the entire Friends cast from Jennifer Aniston to Matt LeBlanc came together not for a reboot, but for a reunion. Basking in all their Friends glory, they revisited costumes, famous scenes, and old friends from the cast. During the reunion, it was unspokenly confirmed that no actual reboot will be produced but nevertheless, while rewatching the series over and over again you will find yourself thinking it’s new each time. 2004 was a bittersweet year for the Friends cast and crew as well as fans, but in the end it put the perfect ending on an iconic and neverending show.