Trevor Bauer 

By Anjali Nayak 

Trevor Bauer made a name for himself in 2020, his breakthrough season with the Cincinnati Reds catapulting him into stardom. In the offseason of 2020, he signed with the Dodgers. A forward thinking franchise that is currently building a super star roster, it seemed almost too good to be true. 

Trevor Bauer might be in trouble. As the MLB continues their foreign substance crackdown, Bauer continues to risk his time as a major leaguer. For a few years now, the pitcher has been rather vocal on the subject of foreign substances, namely pine tar, and as such now has a close connection with the topic. Being said, he is not a fan of this current investigation. Bauer constantly reveals his research on the effect that sticky substances had on increasing spin rates (a unit of measurement having an impact on the movement of pitches, making them harder for a batter to hit).  

However the defining moment of the athlete’s downfall is the public scrutiny he’s come under. Leaving the previously reigning National League Cy Young Award no brainer to answer for incidents in which he was accused of harassing women, spreading conspiracy theories and using insensitive language. 

The largest example of such is an alleged assault of a San Diego woman during two different sexual encounters on April 21 and May 16. The victim accuses that Bauer choked her until she lost consciousness, and began to beat her during sexual intercourse. She suffered injuries after both encounters, such as two black eyes, a bloodied swollen lip, significant bruising and scratching to one side of her face.