MGK and Megan Fox Must be Stopped

By Emma Kidger and Madeleine Stiffler

The honeymoon phase of the media adoring Colson Baker (AKA Machine Gun Kelly) and Megan Fox is over. Thanks to the media platform GQ Style, we have all learned things about the couple that we certainly wish we could forget. These “soulmates” are caught up in a very strange relationship in which they refer to one another as “Buddah” and explain how their first interaction consisted of Mr. Baker identifying himself as “Weed.” 

The love this couple shares is definitely unique. Giving each other tattoos, describing each other as “haunted” and defining their relationship as a “spiritual connection,” these lovebirds seem to be caught up in an exceptionally infantile relationship. Cupid has severely struck these adults even to the extent where Fox recalls a “tall, blond, ghostly creature,” after their first encounter. Undoubtedly, it sounds like Fox is in the spirit of Halloween if she is describing her beau as a “ghostly creature.”

MGK and Fox’s Instagram captions are the cherry on top of the sundae of embarrassment. The most memorable of course includes Fox’s publicity on the couple’s feature in GQ style, where she includes a caption of a long list of random jargon which she thinks represents their “tale of two outcasts and star crossed lovers.” “A life without you is worse than death, put a bullet in my head if we have nothing left,” MGK rhymes in his post describing his new found love. Post after post, the couple never fails to make us cringe and question their sanity. 

Now, let us dissect their out-of-touch red carpet interviews. Perhaps love has caused their brains to regress because every opportunity this couple gets to act sixteen, they seize it. During the MTV Music Awards, the couple showed off on the red carpet… Well, Fox looked stunning as she was accompanied by her lost puppy. Aiming to “wear something insane,” Fox showed up in a see-through dress, alongside MGK who was showing off a sparkly red tux. Making every single viewer suffer from second hand embarrassment, Fox honored MGK by declaring him her “future baby daddy” on live television. 

All in all, we strongly believe that this so-called power couple is destined for failure. While MGK and Fox are wonderful individuals, in this case, two rights make a wrong. We applaud their confidence to put their romance out there wholeheartedly, but it has just gone too far. Their “no shame YOLO” attitude is inspirational, truly, but it is time to exit stage left and dial it down before the media proceeds to tear them to shreds. Less “gothic” or punk rock references, less immature sexual comments, and less weird captions and nicknames. Consider this is our break up text to MGK and Megan Fox.