I Love Fall

By Amelia Lipcsei

As the seasons change from bright yellow skies and cool lemonades to crisp autumn leaves and warm lattes, I am reminded of all of the reasons I love fall: the red hues that turn ordinary streets into colorful portraits, the smell of pumpkin that wafts through the bustling kitchen, and the chilly breeze that turns overly hot days into the perfect weather. Smiles appear on everyone’s faces as they hear the squeals of excited kids launching their piles of fiery leaves into the air. The grinning faces on pumpkins that light up at night sometimes bring fear, but always prompt delight. Smooth tasting teas glide over taste buds, and flavored treats supply endless sighs of content. Arriving at school bundled in fuzzy layers galore gives me a blissful feeling that’s hard to ignore. Fall, with all of it’s festivities, it’s magic, it’s sense of glee, creates an atmosphere that’s so happy.