Siwa Makes Pride Strides 

By Kendyl Brower 

Former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa has built a multi-million dollar empire based on her sparkly bows, glittery products, and teen-pop music. Partnering with Nickelodeon, Siwa instantly became an idol for the youth rocking rainbow clothes, singing for millions on tour, amassing millions of Youtube subscribers and Tik Tok followers, and preaching notions of self love and expression. However, JoJo recently became an inspiration of another sort: identifying as queer, JoJo made headlines as a rising LGBTQ+ rolemodel. 

Returning to reality TV on Dancing With The Stars, JoJo’s activism infiltrates Hollywood,  making history as the first contestant with a same-sex partner. In an interview with the New York Times, Siwa admitted, “How awesome is it that I get to be the first, that I get to make history and inspire people this way?” (NYT). Siwa is excited to normalize same-sex partners on national television, working with Jenna Johnson to dominate the competition. Already, Siwa celebrates her first perfect score of the season with her Grease inspired Foxtrot. 

Since coming out, Siwa has committed to inspire “people who love love,” and she is already making big strides with Johnson on DWTS.