Fall Madlib

By Olivia Pocat

The autumn leaves turn different __________ (noun). The deep green develops into burgundy and _________ (color) and ________ (color). ________(plural noun) grows in the fields. Halloween is approaching. You go to the pumpkin patch and _______ (verb) the ________ (adjective) one. To carve it, you must remove the ______ (noun), which you will later _________ (verb). To carve the _______ (noun) you must get a kit. Choose a cool design. Then you can carve the pumpkin, and put a _____ (noun) in it, and your design will light up. It’s always fun to carve pumpkins before ________ (proper noun), but then the holiday comes. You get to dress up and trick or treat and have fun with your friends. Watching ______ (noun) is always fun on Halloween. After trick or treating, it’s fun to look through your _______ (noun) and pick out your favorite _______ (noun). Fall is a great time of year, especially because of Halloween.