2021 Canadian Election

By Raymond Gao

The 2021 Canadian Federal Election was held on September 20, 2021. It will elect the 338 members of the Canadian House of Commons. The country is divided into 338 election districts by population, which will each elect a member. 

Liberal Party: 159 Seats, 32.6% of popular vote.

Conservative Party: 119 Seats, 34.3% of popular vote.

Bloc Québécois: 33 Seats, 7.6% of popular vote. 

New Democratic: 25 Seats, 17.8% of popular vote. 

Green: 2 Seats, 2.3% of popular vote.

People’s: 0 Seats, 4.9% of popular vote. 

The results are mostly unchanged from the previous 2019 election. The Liberal Party remains the largest party, but failed to gain a majority of the seats which required 170 as opposed to 159. Their leader, Justin Trudeau remains the prime minister. This party gained two seats compared to the 2019 election. The Conservative party remains the second largest party, losing two seats and has 119 after the 2021 election. Two other smaller parties, Bloc Québécois and New Democratic, hold a moderate amount of seats. Bloc Québécois is a party dedicated to the independence of Quebec, New Democratic is the farthest left of the major parties. The Green party is the only other party to hold seats, with only two. By popular vote statistics, the Conservative Party gained slightly more votes, despite winning less seats, although the same happened in the last election. The New Democratic gained some more votes over 2019. Green lost a large proportion of their votes, falling from over 6% to under 3%. The People’s party received about 5% of the popular vote without winning any seats. About 17 million total voters voted in this election, less than the previous election.