Lucifer Season Six

By Adam Sarsfield

With the sixth and final seasons coming and going for the popular show, Lucifer, this season has received very high praise from many different highly popular papers like the Polygon, Gamerant, and Ign. Many articles mention the call back to the original roots of the show. The first episode starts with a classic murder case, the way the show first started. Chloe Decker, our genius detective, and Lucifer’s lover attempts to solve the case surrounding a dead magician’s assistant. Simultaneously, audiences are shown a secondary story of Maze and Eve, the demon torturer and the first woman, contemplating going to Hell to rule over the fiery prison. Throughout the episode, there are nods to previous jokes and bits all while maintaining a smooth flow that does not make these seem forced. Though the case is solved before the episode’s conclusion, Chloe seems to have lost her spark for being a detective, causing more confusion than assistance. The episode closes with a mysterious woman being seated on Hell’s throne. The final season started off with a banger that I personally really enjoyed as it brought in the nostalgia of the first season back.