Dune: Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

By Kendall Albrecht

Set for release on October 22, Dune, an upcoming Sci-Fi/Adventure movie originally based on Frank Herbert’s novels has moviegoers excited to hit the theaters. Many would classify the six-book series as one of the most popular in the Sci-Fi genre. The first book, which the highly anticipated movie will adapt half of, takes place in the distant future in a fictional galaxy. Dune tells the story of a gifted young boy who must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe, Arrakis, also known as Dune. Malevolent forces fight over the planet’s supply of a rare resource called Spice. Over 55 years since the first book’s release, it’s about time Herbert’s story was given a fresh life on the big screen.

Enthusiastically, many future viewers of Dune look forward to the film’s talented cast. Timothee Chalamet stars as Paul Atreides, a 15-year-old boy and heir to rule the planet Caladan. Zendaya, another among the long list of big names in the Dune cast, portrays Chani, a knowledgeable native of Arrakis. Skilled swordsman Duncan Idaho, played by Jason Mamoa, plays a large part throughout the story as well. Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Issac, and many other talented actors and actresses also appear. This group of stacked talent is sure to do the Dune books justice and please current fans. 

After premiering at the 2021 Venice Film festival on September 3rd, Dune has collected an abundance of praise from film critics. Dune has received compliments on everything from cinematography to costumes to score. The Los Angeles Times says the movie “draws you into an astonishingly vivid, sometimes plausibly unnerving vision of the future.” Currently, the film sits at 85% on rotten tomatoes. Those lucky enough to have seen it raise the expectations with their consistent praise, ramping up the excitement for the film’s release.  Available to the public via movie theaters on October 22, Dune marks the beginning of the release of many potential blockbuster films hoping to refill theaters as the pandemic begins to subside. However, as many movie-watchers may have gotten used to during lockdown, on the 22nd, the film will also be released to certain streaming platforms to watch at home. After much controversy, Warner Brothers decided to release the film to HBO Max on the same day it premieres in theaters. Avid movie watchers, die-hard Dune fans, and people simply looking for a good film to watch, mark your calendars for October 22 and prepare for the  2021 film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune.