The Trusty Treasurer!

By Avalon Kelly & Olivia Pocat

What’s your favorite school event? 

“I really love Winter Wishes, because I like how it unifies the whole school and we have the opportunity to recognize our students.”

What are some upcoming activities (other than Hoco)?

“Some fun activities that are coming up include Pink Week, Moonlight Dinner (come and support Winter Wishes!), Fall Fest, football games, and sports seasons.”

What is your role in ASB?

“I am the treasurer, so that means I manage the budget and the money, and I also coordinate fundraisers and club financial information.”

What have been your past roles for ASB?

“I was class treasurer for 2 years and I planned prom last year.”

How will COVID be affecting school events this year?

“We don’t know yet, we’re hoping to do as many events as possible and still be safe.”

Favorite ASB memory?

“I had so much fun at the Lock-In at school this summer (ASB sleepover at the bowl).”

Thanks Rachel!