Taco ‘Bout Teaching: Chris Haskett

By Sophia Christensen 

Name: Mr. Haskett

Subjects: English

Years at Westmont: 18

Birthplace: San Jose, California

High School: Del Mar

College: UC Santa Cruz

What makes Westmont great? Principal Miller, a Westmont graduate, makes students feel welcome, safe and valued so they can learn and enjoy a productive, memorable experience in our Westmont community.   

What do you enjoy about teaching? Teaching is the best job I’ve ever had:  helping students make connections and master new skills is the most rewarding experience.  

Describe the perfect meal: Sweet, crunchy, refreshing, energizing–a Fuji apple for lunch is the perfect meal. 

What are your favorite artists?  Last week, my neighbor, Mr. Buran, introduced me to Sturgill Simpson.  What talent!  What emotional range in his vocals!  What grace and skill on a Stratocaster!  Check out Sturgill Simpson!  You will not be disappointed.   

What is your favorite unit/concept/standard that you teach and why? Sentence Patterns I love to teach:  this knowledge makes every student a better writer. 

What inspired you to become a teacher? To share my love of literature, to show students the beauty of language, I became a teacher. 

What is your favorite book? Whatever I’m teaching is my favorite book of the month.  

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Go back in time and stop the virus! 

What is your gas station order? Petrol.