Sin City the Mixtape

By Adam Sarsfield 

Sin City the Mixtape is an album made by Ski Mask the Slump God featuring only nine songs. The album is the first album Ski has released since 2018.  Although Ski has mentioned releasing more albums around the time of Halloween, there is still speculation on whether these claims will hold true. Following a very traumatic two year time period for Ski, the album continues to show the old Ski Mask fans adored and a new more mature side of himself through the songs “Lost in Time” and “Mental Magneto.” The mixtape starts off with a hype, party type soundtrack; The first 4 songs are all the type of song to party to or to listen to when you’re angry. Following the anger comes the will to party with “Ya!” and “Merlin’s Staff.” The most random piece of the mixtape to many is the entry of “Lost in Time,” which is a slow sadder type song followed by a party song “Fire Hazard.” The track is then followed by another sad song of “Mental Magneto.” It can feel like a sort of musical whiplash. However, I can personally see this as an echo of how Ski might have felt over the last two years. During this time frame Ski lost two of his close friends: XXXTENTACION and Juice Wrld. XXX was a very close friend, having known Ski for almost 5 years and could be the reason Ski took music seriously. After XXX’s death, many fans and haters alike were shocked and some worried about how Ski would react to the death of his closest friend. Many know that Ski fell into a depressive state after the news of his friend’s death but seemed to gain some of his happiness and peace back before it was stripped away again by the death of another one of his close friends, Juice Wrld. This sent Ski into another bleak state, with many of his fans worrying about what could happen to him in the future. Although in recent news and shows Ski has been seen to be looking healthier and happier, worry is still abroad. Sin City received only a light tease to “Ya!” with a teaser to the music video. The teaser released close to a week before the actual album dropped. The album reached number 6 in the Top 200 charts within its first week. All in all the mixtape is a well received drop after a 3 year withdrawal from any big projects.