By Rachell Carbajal De-La Cruz

PinkPantheress, born and raised in Bath, United Kingdom, recently rose to popularity (mainly from Tik-Tok) in early spring of 2021. She gained traction with her most popular song “Pain” in 2021 with over 57,177,430 streams and counting. Later on, she released “Break It Off(over 46 million streams). The increase in listeners has been a big deal for her. Being very grateful for her fans, she wrote on her Instagram account (@pinkpantheress) “Thank you for getting pain to nearly 700,000 streams, I hope one day to buy my own loded diper van!” ( March 24, 2021). Although PinkPantheress doesn’t post much, she never shies away from the things she truly is interested/inspired by. PinkPantheress loves to show where she gets her inspiration for her lyrics. In an interview with i-D ( “PinkPantheress is the musician dominating Tik-Tok DIY scene”) she states, “Horror films. I love them all, especially Saw and emo music videos from Linkin Park and Papa Roach.” Your work revolves around samples from the 90s and early 00s. What is it about that era you’re attracted to? “The music was so unpolished and cool because I feel like people weren’t afraid of being a little bit cringe. It was all way more experimental” (ID Interview with PinkPantheress: PinkPantheress has shown us that she has been experimenting with the songs she releases even if her fans may not like it, she does what she likes, we love that! Although we sadly don’t know her real name, she has said that she got her stage name PinkPantheress while watching the show The Chase and asking her mother Kenya what a female panther called. Ever since, she has stuck with that, and started her Tik-Tok account in 2020, @PinkPantheress 

 A couple of things we know so far about this rising artist is that she was born and raised in Bath, United Kingdom in 2001 (20 years old), is British, is labeled (for now) as a singer/songwriter, signed with both record labels, Parlophone and Elektra Records. We know she began her music-making career 4 years ago around her high school years – at first helping her friend make music. She soon gained interest in music herself and began her career. She hasn’t stated her music-making process, but she loves to use sample tracks from some of the most influential artists of all time (Micheal Jackson, etc) and put her own lyrics and vocals in the sample tracks. The genres that PinkPantheress is going towards and combining include pop, electronic/dance, jungle/dnb, very chilled and laid back genres. Many people are naming her discography the “new nostalgic” genre. She also is very interested in the visual side of the music industry, getting inspiration from horror films, random cool clips, favorite artists, etc. She hasn’t released much, since her career began late 2020, making a Tik-Tok but never really showing her talent, until early 2021. So far she has released 6 songs on Spotify and other music platforms. Her 6 songs being “Pain,” “Break it Off,” “Just for me,” “Passion”, “Just a waste,” and “Attracted to You.” She also releases unofficial songs on her SoundCloud like “Last Valentines,” “Notice I cried,” “Time with me,” and more. So far, she has only been featured in Goldlink’s song named “Evian” (ft. PinkPantheress, Rizloski, Rax). Some fan favorites include “Passion,” (my favorite!) “Pain,” and “Just for me. “Similar artists that fit the new nostalgic genre are Clario, Ayesha, Eyedress, Wallows, and much more! PinkPantheress is kicking the music industry’s butt (and even has Tik-Tok’s audios in a choke-hold every time she releases hit after hit). Hope you check out her music and support her, she is indeed a wonderful rising artist! 

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