Baggy Pants

By Collin Murray

Baggy pants: a played out trend from the early 1990’s to mid 2000’s, or a nostalgic style making a comeback? Recently, trend followers and trend starters alike have declared skinny jeans out, and loose-fitting pants in. Started by skateboarders, rappers, and the like in the early 90’s, baggy pants quickly exploded in popularity by the mid 90’s and until the mid 2000’s. Fading out of style in the mid 2000’s, the oversized trend was kept alive by the few and far between, namely skaters.

Not long ago, in the summer of 2020, the baggy pants trend finally began to resurface. Hailing from skateboarding once again, the trend was transformed; from kids in the 90’s looking for the pants with the largest waist they could find and stuffing them into a belt, to skate brands making specifically extra-large fitting pants such as Polar Skate Co.’s Big Boy jeans. Lots of skate companies make their own version of the baggy tapered fit pants today’s skaters look for, but these pants range in price anywhere from $70-$130. Many (such as myself) opt for a cheaper option in buying used pants in large sizes they have no business wearing, just like in the trend’s heyday.